Car accident injury chiropractors provide treatment for the injuries that you may sustain in a car accident. They examine the injured area to determine its severity and then decide on a suitable treatment plan for you. They also help you file a legal claim for compensation if applicable. They offer pain relief and improve the range of motion. In addition, they treat herniated discs and other spinal problems.

How healthy is chiropractic?

Car accidents often cause micro-tears in the muscles and ligaments. These tiny tears are not picked up by X-rays and are one of the main reasons that people wake up in severe pain after a car accident even though their X-rays look normal. They can also result in debilitating neck pain and whiplash. Early diagnosis and treatment by a car accident injury chiropractor is crucial to avoid long-term, chronic problems.

A chiropractor will use a wide range of methods to relieve pain, including soft tissue massage, rehabilitation exercises, spinal manipulation and trigger point release. They will also recommend lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements to prevent future injury.

Physical therapy is a common treatment for car accident injuries, but it doesn’t work as well as chiropractic care. A car accident injury chiropractor can quickly realign the spine and restore the range of motion in your neck and back. They can also use spinal manipulations to release anti-inflammatories and decrease pain throughout the body. This makes them an excellent complement to your overall treatment plan after a car accident.

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