solar panels affiliate program

Whether you want to promote your own solar power system or are looking to earn passive income by promoting renewable energy products, there are many great solar panels affiliate programs out there. These programs are becoming more popular as people look to switch to more sustainable energy sources and reduce their carbon footprints. Resource highest paying solar panels affiliate program |

Inergy Solar

Unlike other solar generator programs, Inergy offers a very simple affiliate program that pays out an impressive commission on every sale. They also give you a generous 20% bonus if you are an effective referrer.

Shop Solar Kits

Their affiliate program could be a good fit for affiliates with a niche audience of real estate developers, AirBnb hosts, or RV companies that want to use renewable energy sources to power their properties off-the-grid. They sell a wide range of solar-powered devices and accessories including off-grid lighting, charging stations, and battery packs.

How to Promote Solar Panels as an Affiliate: Strategies and Techniques

Based in Nevada, Bluetti specializes in sleek and functional solar-powered accessory products for off-grid lifestyles. The company’s product lineup includes Bluetti branded solar panel and generator equipment, as well as Maxoak-branded power banks.


If you are an avid hiker or a person who wants to take advantage of the benefits of solar technology, then you should definitely consider promoting SunJack’s line of portable power accessories. The company makes a range of powerful chargers that are twice as fast as traditional components, so they can charge up your cell phone and laptop faster than ever before.

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