Easily serve up your delectable desserts with these beautiful, crystal clear plastic cups. Perfect for serving ice cream sundaes, frozen yogurt, fruit cocktails, mousse, parfaits and more!

Mini Dessert Cups, Tasting Spoons & More | Party City

Made from a premium, durable plastic material with a gold glitter design. The dessert cup and spoons are also 100% recyclable, so you can dispose them worry-free after your party or just wash them to use for future events!

Keep your desserts organized and accessible with this set of 60 disposable mini plastic cups with lids. These dessert containers are perfect for containing custards, yogurts and more, and can be disposed of after use for hassle-free cleanup. Whether you’re hosting a small family gathering or an extravagant brunch, plastic dessert cups with lids will help you ensure that all the goodies are safely contained until guests can take them home with them. They’re also an excellent way to save on storage space and keep your buffet or dessert table tidy and clutter-free as guests grab a snack!

A great alternative to ceramic and paper cups, these plastic drinks cups are a durable, flexible option for all your entertaining needs. They’re also easy to clean and can handle a variety of temperature settings, so you won’t have to worry about damaging them when handling hot or cold treats!

Biodegradable cups are a great alternative to disposable plastic cups because they’re eco-friendly and will not cause environmental problems. These are typically made from renewable materials that break down easily in the environment, reducing the strain on our planet’s resources and lowering the need for more waste disposal.

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