The Freight Negotiation Experts at ICC can help you reduce your freight rates and carrier contract fees by 8 to 15%. Whether you need to negotiate new freight rates or small parcel contracts, ICC’s team of logistics specialists can help you lower shipping costs without losing service quality.

Can freight charges be negotiated?

The complexities of modern supply chain management mean that logistics professionals need to be ready for anything at the negotiating table. This is especially true when negotiating freight rates. A successful negotiation is all about balancing cost versus service expectations.

To do this, shippers need to understand the market and the carriers’ pricing strategies. Freight Contract Negotiation Consultants also need to know what types of freight they are shipping and how the rates for those types differ from each other. This is important because most freight rates include base discounts based on zone and weight, plus extra discount tiers and accessorial fees like residential delivery surcharges, dimensional weight pricing, and more.

Often, companies miss out on the potential to save money on their shipping expenses because they lack the time and resources to fully manage this complex process. And that’s where a logistics consulting firm can really help. With the ability to negotiate rates and carrier contract fees that reduce costs by up to 15%, the payback for bringing in an outside team of freight experts is very high.

As a final tip, shippers should also remember that their freight rate negotiations are not just with carriers – they are with their customers. That means that the carrier is going to come to the table with its own business concerns, such as projected fuel consumption, fleet wear and tear, goods handling, and return trips.

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