septic tank pumping in your home is the largest and most expensive component of your sewage treatment system. In order to keep it in good working condition, you will need to adhere to a regular schedule of pumping and maintenance. The tank itself will need to be replaced every forty years or so. You can extend the life of your septic tank by ensuring that solid waste is not flushed down the drains. Avoid flushing cat litter, coffee grounds, diapers (even the ‘flushable’ kind), tampons, condoms, oils, grease, dental floss, heavy laundry detergents, chemicals, paints, thinners, and pesticides.

Pump with Confidence: Busy Bee Septic and Excavating LLC’s Expertise

If solid waste is allowed to build up in the septic tank it can overflow into the septic system drain field or groundwater supplies. This can lead to clogs, expensive repairs and environmental contamination. Pumping the septic tank removes solid waste and keeps it from building up to critical levels.

Keeping a consistent pumping schedule helps reduce the cost of each pumping because more of the liquids can be removed without needing to remove as much of the sludge. However, it is important to check your septic tank often and have it pumped even when there are no signs that it is full.

When you need your septic tank pumped, the professional will arrive in a truck with a giant hose that will literally suck up the sewage and transport it to the septic tank processing facility for safe disposal. Make sure to hire a licensed and insured professional that has the necessary tools to complete this dangerous task safely.

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