Bespoke Home Cinema

Home cinema systems can be very affordable and basic, with a flat screen TV and DVD player, or much more advanced, with a specialized room in which to watch movies with friends. More advanced installations include acoustic design elements to isolate sound and improve viewing, as well as movie theatre-style seating and specialized decorations such as a projector booth, curtains in front of the screen, and movie posters or even a popcorn machine. This link

When choosing a company to design and build a Bespoke Home Cinema, you need a specialist that has the technical expertise to understand how to maximise the performance of the audio visual and control systems in any given room. Without the knowledge and experience to calibrate systems for best results and to programme them correctly, you can run into all kinds of problems ranging from audio drop out to dimming lights and even loss of connectivity between devices.

From Concept to Reality: Bringing Your Bespoke Home Cinema Vision to Life

An experienced home cinema expert will also know how to optimize the room acoustics to provide the very best possible listening and viewing experience. They will also know how to plan for lighting and acoustic treatment that complements the style of the room. They will take into account the number of windows in the room, as too much light can hurt picture quality and even cause eye strain. They will also choose a darker colour for the walls to reduce the amount of light reflected from the projector and screen.

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