playground surfacing essex

If you’re outdoor flooring to put in a playground in your school, community or public park, then having the right surface is important. Falling from playground equipment can cause serious head injuries so having an impact absorbing surface is a must. This is why choosing the best playground surfacing essex is essential.

There are different types of surfacing available and each type offers benefits that the others don’t. For example, unitary surfaces are easier to maintain than loose fill or mulch surfacing. However, they may not be as good as a shock-absorbing surface such as grass.

One option that we would recommend is poured rubber safety surfacing as it’s an extremely durable surface and can be installed in most outdoor spaces. Poured-in-place (PIP) is mixed and hand-troweled on site, making it a quick, cost-conscious and easy option for professionals to install.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Flooring: A Comprehensive Guide

Another type of playground surfacing essex is rubber mulch which is made from shredded up car tyres and then bound together with a resin to create the surfacing. It is usually installed to a specified depth that complies with the Critical Fall Height of the playground equipment. It is also possible to have educational graphics added to the surfacing, which are ideal for kids and help develop physical literacy skills and cognitive abilities. Popular educative designs include letter activities, number designs and classic games such as hopscotch.

For more information on the range of playground surfacing essex options that we can provide, please get in touch with our team. We’ll be happy to talk you through the process and give you prices based on your specifications.

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