Drug addiction has a grip on the lives of many people, often resulting in a loss of home, friends, family, jobs and sometimes even lives. Rehab for drugs helps individuals break free of their drug-using habits, learn to replace destructive behaviors with healthy ones and build a new way of life.

The first step in rehab for drugs is detoxification. During this period, medical professionals supervise and monitor an individual as they rid their bodies of harmful substances. For some people, this may include the use of medications to ease withdrawal symptoms and reduce discomfort.

Once individuals are through the detox process, they may be able to begin inpatient treatment. This is a residential program where individuals live at the rehab facility for an extended time, which can range from a few weeks to several months. During this phase, they will receive a variety of therapies and counseling.

Breaking Free: Exploring Rehab for Drugs and Alcohol Near Me

A key part of rehabilitation for drugs is getting to understand why someone used it in the first place. For some, using drugs was a way to self-medicate and relieve emotional pain, while others were suffering from co-occurring disorders that impacted their drug usage. Counselors are skilled in peeling back these layers and helping an individuals make sense of their behavior while building a new set of coping skills that do not involve drugs.

Another important part of rehab for drugs is preparing an individual to return to their lives at home. For some, this may include helping them reconnect with loved ones or finding work and transitional housing. For others, it may involve learning to recognize and avoid enabling behaviors or codependent relationships that could cause relapse.

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