From royal palaces and ancient monuments to modern museums and buzzing markets, London, Ontario moving services is a world cultural hub with countless highlights. The city attracts a huge number of visitors each year with its world-class attractions, including Buckingham Palace, the British Museum and the National Gallery. The city also has the world’s most popular theatre district – the West End – and a rich history of live music including legends such as Adele, Coldplay and Amy Winehouse (RIP).

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The earliest parts of the city are centered around the City of London, whose boundary was defined by the old city walls. The City of London has its own mayor, called the Lord Mayor, and council members known as Aldermen. It is served by a dedicated police force, the City of London Police.

In later years, the power and wealth of the Tudor and Stuart dynasties gave rise to an expansion of the city’s boundaries. This led to a series of acts in Parliament that gradually absorbed the surrounding counties into the city of London.

Today, the city of London has a total area of about 940 square miles (2,300 sq km) and is home to over 15 million people. It is a global centre of politics, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, healthcare and the media. It is also one of the world’s leading financial centres and has the fifth or sixth largest metropolitan GDP, depending on how it is measured.

It is also a major tourist destination, with over 192 museums and 857 art galleries. It is also home to four UNESCO World Heritage sites – the Tower of London, Maritime Greenwich, Westminster Palace and Kew’s Royal Botanic Gardens – and a variety of other landmarks.

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