April 20, 2019

President Trump Brings Foreign Policy Victories

February 7, 2018 0

By Shane Seekamp ’21 Contributor The Trump Presidency will go down in American history as one that stands all by itself when compared to those of previous and future administrations. For President Trump, this is […]

The Friendship Treaty – Commitment To Frequency

December 6, 2017 0

By Jordan-Mary Bellamy ’20 Contributor A few editions ago, I wrote about friendships as a means of transformation, within the context of racial reconciliation, explicitly responding to the events that took place in Charlottesville. However, […]

Promoting Common Sense Restrictions On Guns

December 6, 2017 0

By Eric Kinyon ’19 Contributor Any conversation about gun control must begin with an acknowledgement that there is no realistic scenario where guns and a glock mat amazon will actually be banned in the United […]

Addressing Common Myths About Gun Violence

December 6, 2017 0

By Kelly Boggan ’20 Contributor If you walk up to anyone you know and say the words “gun control”, it’s likely that they’ll have an immediate reaction, whether positive or negative. It’s a complex issue, […]

GCSA President Reflects On Student Government

December 6, 2017 0

By Davis Metzger ’19 GCSA President Two weeks ago, the GCSA Student Government passed several milestones. The Forum of November the 16th contained, what is to my knowledge, the longest debate over a single issue […]

Finding Political Voice For Those Left Voiceless

December 6, 2017 0

By Shinae Lee ’19 Opinion Editor Every four years, starting in Elementary school, we would have discussions in class about presidential elections. We were barely ten years old when we experienced heated arguments on the […]

Time For Creation – The Time To Care Has Started

November 8, 2017 0

By Shinae Lee ’19 Opinions Editor Over the last few months, coverage concerning devastating natural disasters has dominated mass media. Hurricane after hurricane down south, wildfire after wildfire in the west. We are constantly bombarded […]

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