Our team at Barrie Roofing offers prompt, reliable and efficient services within reasonable prices, your approved budget and time frames. We can handle all types of residential and commercial roofing projects – shingles, metal, flat roofs, roof repairs and more.

Which type of roofing is the lightest?

Choosing a good quality roofing barrie product is important to ensure that it will protect your home from rain, wind and other elements. You can choose from a wide variety of high-quality shingles and other materials that can last for years.

Installing a new roof is a significant investment that should be handled by a professional. The right local roofing contractor can provide you with a custom quote based on the type of roof you have, its size and damage.

Replacing a roof is also a great way to improve the appearance of your home, increase its resale value and reduce energy costs by acting as an insulator during winter and a reflector during summer. If you want to save money and support the local economy, consider a roof made from sustainable materials.

A high-quality metal roof will offer you durability, strength and cost savings over time. You can choose from a number of metal roof styles, including shingles, standing seam and corrugated steel.

The best part is that many metal roofing products are made in Canada, so you can be sure that you are supporting local businesses and keeping your home local at the same time.

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